Fermented Ancient Rice to Stay Vigorous in the Aging Society,
Free from Bedridden

We have two types of physical strength; namely, "the action strength" and "the defensive strength". The action strength relates to the exercise,while the defensive exercise maintains life. Each strength becomes depressed in accordance with aging. The depression of the action strength is subjective,however,the depression of the defensive strength is somewhat unnoticeable in a daily life. The defensive strength is rapidly depressed,not only by the aging,but complications of environmental pollution,unbalanced diet,smoking,stress,etc. All of the activation of brains,the reinforcement of the anti-oxidation ability and immunity are the three elements of the defensive strength for staying off the bedridden.

There are many reports on food ingredients for supplementing the defensive strength.
Among those,the function of "ancient rice" has recently been spotlighted. The fermented ancient rice,capable of supplying with oryzalose (polysaccharide arabinoxylan),anthocyan and GABA,is considered excellent anti-aging food,helping to live vigorous in the aging society.
Hiroaki Maeda
    Pres.,Origin Biochemical Laboratory Inc.
    Doctor of Agronomy

Profile : Born in 1943 in Nagasaki Pref., Japan.
    Specialized in the food nutrition and food function.
    Authority in the research and development of immunoactive substances;
    Anti-Plant Virus Preparation "Lentemin",
    Extract of Lentinus edodes mycelia "LEM",
    Active Hexose Correlated Compound "AHCC",
    Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Derivative "BioBran"
    Functional Food containing Nattokinase

  Trademark registrations In Japan;
    "Oryzalose" by Origin Biochemical Laboratory Inc.
    "LEM" and "Lentemin" by Noda Shokuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd
    "AHCC" by Amino Up Chemical Co. Ltd.
    "BioBran" by Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Name of Company : Origin Biochemical Laboratory Inc.

Head Office : 2F Universe Daiichi-Bldg., 3-2-3 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Japan 103-0027
       Phone : +81(0)3-5290-3110 Fax: +81(0)3-5290-3112

Established : February 25, 2005
President : Hiroaki Maeda

Corporate Advisers :
Dr. Ryoichi Obitsu (Honorary Director of Obitsu Sankei Hospital)
Dr. Kenji Tazawa (Professor Emeritus, University of Toyama)

Line of Business :
・Manufacturing/ marketing, import/export of dietary supplements and functional food.
・Propagation of scientific information on health maintenance and promotion based on food nutrition studies.

To contribute to realize healthy and sound society by promoting the health of people.

Management Policy

To realize our philosophy by developing the original and valued products for maintain better health by combining our experiences and achievements in the functional food with the support by the related industries, and also the power which food possesses, especially to its third function in view of "food and medicine" have the same origin.

◆Collaboration in Harmony

◆Scientific Research based on Gratitude to Nature

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